140 years and counting

11 March 2019 marked our 140th anniversary and kicked off a year of celebrations – with activities including a gala event, the publication of our third book, Banking on Change, and fundraising.

140th anniversary celebration

On Friday 17 May 2019 we held a celebration gala event at Haberdashers’ Hall for our supporters and donors. 

During the evening guests heard from scholars and students who had benefited from the Fund, as well exploring the 140 Years Exhibition.

Experience the 140 Years Exhibition virtual tour

Relive the 140 Years exhibition. Go on a tour of banking history and view artefacts from our archives, as well as the wider world of banking and finance.

Banking on Change

Financial services are undergoing rapid, and potentially dramatic, change. What will happen in payments, in sustainable finance and in fintech? How can the industry boost financial inclusion and ensure that its workforce has the skills it needs to meet regulatory requirements and to compete with new entrants? Can trade finance rise to the challenge of underpinning global trade for all and help the developing world avoid “financial abandonment”? What do financial services need to do to protect our digital identities?

Banking on Change provides insights by experts and influencers from across the financial services industry on these and other questions.

Published to mark the 140th anniversary of The London Institute of Banking & Finance, this book is intended to be of lasting value to both students and professionals.

Our heritage

We were set up by a small group of bank workers in 1879, with a commitment to provide leadership on banking studies and practice.